SG black & White


SG black & White
SG brandingSG black & White

This hat was designed in collaboration with our excellent design consultant and sleeveless denim artist Sami Graystone. With her initials also being a rather well know guitar shape, it only seemed the right option as a name for this unit!

Featuring a very relaxed waffle knit and two tone black and white acrylic wool, the SG was originally chosen as ‘the hat that won’t mess your hair up’ – Sami, but in fact just fits really nicely and is very comfortable. The acrylic colours never fade and the hat never gets itchy like wool can.

Sami also designed the branding on this hat: A double sided large woven tag with the same awesome design on both sides, allowing the hat to be either turned up or turned down.

This hat is basically a super nice unit, you should get one!

All dalikfodda hats are ‘made proper in the north of England’, by adults who mostly finished school. No kids or animals were used or harmed to make this hat so you can sleep easy, with a nice warm feeling inside.

We ship worldwide for the standard fee.

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