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docker black
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A thick ribbed knitted hat, which is designed to be worn short and with a turn up. The standard knit is initially reasonably stiff, allowing it to mould to the wearers head perfectly, resulting in a close fitting beanie with solid style. In fact, each hat has six seams instead of the regular four, to guarantee a close fit all over. No more random nipples! They are knitted from high quality black acrylic that doesn’t even get itchy when sweaty and the colours never fade.

The initial design brief was a picture of Jack Nicholson from ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’ for a brief that originally came from the legendary Nelson Pratt. Within days the Docker fits like a glove and keeps your head warm for any cold weather activities, from snowboarding to walking to the pub.

The branding is a top quality ‘band style’ woven, sew on badge featuring a tramp with a can of special brew in honor of the dalikfodda turbojugend. This can always be removed at the end of the hats life to go onto a denim jacket or somewhere nasty.

All dalikfodda hats are ‘made proper in the north of England’, by adults who mostly finished school. No kids or animals were used or harmed to make this hat so you can sleep easy, with a nice warm feeling inside.

We ship worldwide for the standard fee.

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